voiture neuve VTC cote d'azur
Why do VTC services on the French Riviera regularly renew their vehicles, unlike Taxis?
VTC companies are required by law to have vehicles less than 6 years old as part of the purchase of thermal vehicles, however this restriction is no longer valid when purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Chauffeur 06, a VTC company in Cannes and its region, this week renewed one of its sedans with the new Mercedes E Class. We have chosen to continue with a thermal vehicle even if we initially wanted to buy a hybrid vehicle, but the boot being reduced by half and having a lot of activity with Nice Côte d'Azur airport, we preferred to continue with the new thermal models meeting the latest environmental standards because we are concerned about wanting to reduce our carbon impact.

The objective of Chauffeur 06 is to find the best ratio between comfort and the journeys that our customers order from us and unfortunately, we can only opt for thermal vehicles. Electric vehicles have too little autonomy, for example if we have to pick up a customer at Marseille Provence airport to bring him to Cannes, the driver will have to arrive at least 2 hours before (in the event of finding a charging station). fast charging) in order to be able to transport the customer to Cannes then will have to charge the vehicle again to continue his day.

In short, despite our desire to reduce our carbon impact as much as possible, combustion vehicles remain the only option in the VTC business.
Why do VTC services in Cannes offer latest generation vehicles?
voiture neuve VTC cote d'azur
Chauffeur 06, a private driver service in Cannes, aims to offer vehicles with the best comfort for these customers and that is why we make it a point of honor to renew our range of cars on a regular basis. Last year we renewed one of our vans and this year we have chosen to renew one of our sedans.

Our goal is to change at least one vehicle every year so that our customers can benefit from the latest innovations on board our vehicles.