Our Grande Remise (GR) service in Cannes

The so-called GR or Grande Remise vehicles are the former name of what is now called VTC (Transport Vehicle with Driver). It was on December 31, 2009 that the name GR or Grande Remise vehicle disappeared in favor of the acronym VTC. However, Chauffeur 06 attaches great importance to maintaining a high-quality service known as Grande Remise. Indeed, our drivers are always dressed in black pants, shirts and ties; offer you bottles of water and sweets on board our vehicles as well as disinfectant wipes. Our cars should always be spotless both outside and inside so that the customer feels like they are getting into their car with their personal driver.

What is the Grande Remise?

The Grande Remise appeared around 1640 in Paris due to the traffic problem around the Louvre Palace and the Palace of Versailles. As a result, the authorities have decided to set up discounts near these palaces. They separated these discounts into 2 categories: the small discount and the large discount. The large shed was reserved for the most important passengers. This term remained and used until 2009 and was replaced in 2010 by the acronym VTC (Transport vehicle with driver).

The Grande Remise (GR) companies on the French Riviera are mainly located in three major destinations which are the Principality of Monaco, Cannes and Saint Tropez.

Chauffeur 06, which is located in the Cannes area, is developing a Grande Remise (GR) service in the Cannes sector through its VTC license in order to meet the demand of high-end customers in this sector as well as professional customers who comes during major major events happening on the Croisette, such as the Cannes Film Festival, MIPIM, MIP TV, MIPCOM, the Cannes Pleasure Festival, the Cannes Lions or the ILTM.

Our VTC drivers respect the dress codes of the Grande Remise and we have high-end vehicles such as Mercedes Class V and Mercedes Class E of the latest generation. So for more information contact us without further delay and our Grande Remise service (GR) based in Cannes will answer you very quickly.