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Mandelieu-la-Napoule is a popular destination on the French Riviera, offering beautiful beaches, pleasant Mediterranean climate, and a multitude of cultural events throughout the year. To fully enjoy your stay in this beautiful tourist region, choose Chauffeur 06, private chauffeur VTC in Mandelieu, which will allow you to discover the hidden treasures of the city while enjoying a high-end and personalized service.

You who have waited for years for a taxi along a sidewalk. You who have paid too much without justification of the requested fare. You who have been transported sometimes without care, nor smile... opt for the VTC solution! A professional alternative to taxis. Rediscover the quality of passenger transport for all your private and professional trips with our private chauffeur and VTC in Mandelieu company!

Looking for a transportation solution with VTC chauffeur in Mandelieu?

We are the company Private chauffeur in the 06, and we offer you a private chauffeur service for your travels in the Mandelieu area. This is a chauffeured transport service tailored to your needs, for your private or professional travels. VTC passenger transport is highly appreciated today because it offers great flexibility and responsiveness. We accompany you for all types of trips, short and long, alone or with others, day and night. Every customer we welcome aboard our fleet is pampered by their private chauffeur. So, as soon as you step into the vehicle of your VTC chauffeur, our priorities are your comfort, your safety, and your transport to your destination.

Do you appreciate a journey in a comfortable and spacious vehicle?

You will travel aboard one of our beautiful Mercedes Benz Classe E sedans or one of our prestigious MiniVan. Journeys with a private chauffeur in Mandelieu cater to your needs, at a customized rate. Enjoy a VTC chauffeur in Mandelieu: unlike a taxi, here the fare for your ride is fixed and defined in advance. No surprises! With our VTC service in Mandelieu, you are assured of traveling in the best conditions. We are at your service. Feel free to book your ride in advance.

Why Choose Chauffeur 06 for Your Private Chauffeur Services in Mandelieu?

At Chauffeur 06, we offer several services on board each chauffeur-driven car. We take care of all your luggage. Your VTC chauffeur in Mandelieu will assist you in loading your luggage. Moreover, the price of luggage is included in the service if they fit the vehicle's dimensions. An "Van luggage" option is available otherwise. We provide a baby seat or booster seats for children. For large families, our MiniVan transports both young and old on all roads of the 06. We cater to all types of journeys.

Pick-up at the Airport or Train Station

Whether it's your transfers to Nice Côte D’Azur Airport, Cannes Mandelieu Airport, or Marseille Provence Airport, a train station, or a port, we ensure they are punctual and stress-free. Your private chauffeur in Mandelieu is an accessible and available professional. Whether strolling along the coast or in the hinterland, along mountain slopes for a family outing, with your loved one or friends, our chauffeurs are your best allies to accompany you. If you need to travel to the other end of the department for a business dinner, enlist our private drivers to save time on the journey and focus on your work rather than the road.

Pick-up for Your Events

Looking for a transport solution for a celebration, party, wedding, or seminar? As specialists in upscale transport, we are here for you! At Chauffeur 06, we offer our premium VTC service, allowing you to move easily throughout the 06. Your VTC chauffeur is at your disposal to make your journeys easier, and your complete satisfaction is our only goal. Punctual, premium, personalized: Chauffeur 06 is your car solution with a chauffeur in the 06.

For a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days, trust us. Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, our private drivers are at your service. With Chauffeur 06, you travel with peace of mind. Sit back comfortably in one of our upscale vehicles and let us guide you.


A premium service with a private VTC chauffeur in Mandelieu

Choosing Chauffeur 06 to explore Mandelieu means opting for a superior quality service compared to traditional transportation such as taxis or car rentals. Our private VTC chauffeurs are carefully selected and have excellent knowledge of the area and its features. They can adjust their routes according to your preferences and suggest unique places to discover.

Available according to your needs

Our private VTC chauffeur service in Mandelieu adapts to all types of trips and distances, whether you need to go to the airport, train station, beach, or attend events organized in the city. You can book your vehicle in advance or on the same day, according to your needs. The duration of the chauffeur's availability can vary depending on your preferences and the time you want to spend at each of your destinations.