Who Are We ?

Our goal is to supply transport services of persons.

Our customers are fully satisfied by our services.

Choose from the many destinations, Nice, Cannes, Monaco or Saint-Tropez, you'll be happy working with us.

Visit our website and contact us if you have any requests.

We hope to see you soon!

A private chauffeur service quality

Our company assure real values like attention, reactivity and personal facilities.

Chauffeur 06 offers you the best transport services.
You trust Chauffeur 06 for his professional attention and values.

What is the difference between a VTC and a taxi?

We offer package prices, the price is announced in advance, no surprises at the end of the trip.

The prices are fixed ?

Yes, the price of a trip is fixed and defined in advance.

How are the prices of a chauffeured ride calculated?

Price for a defined route between point A and point B.
By the hour for a request to be available for a certain number of hours (in this case a number of kilometres is defined in advance, if the number of kilometres is exceeded an extra charge of 2€ per Km will be requested).

Our vehicles

All our vehicles are environmentally friendly as they comply with Euro 6 standards (the latest standard in force).
All our drivers are equipped with credit card terminals.

Mercedes Classe E

Vehicle up to 3 passengers with luggage 3. Ideal for business trips.

Mercedes Classe V / Vito

Minivan can have until 8 passengers with 8 luggages. These cars are highly luxury and polyvalent.